Saturday, June 28, 2008

We've just been through a huge ordeal. We lost our cable and internet for 5 days! It was horrible, being without baseball and without the web. Our house got struck by lightning, or at least we suffered a power surge and knocked out some lights and the cable. What a nightmare. It's back now and we're in business again.

But on a happier note, we broke ground on the bead cottage. Tuesday night they dropped off this machine to dig out the hole for the foundation:

Here it is grading the backyard and starting to dig the hole:

Here is the hole after the first day. The view is from ground-level.

Here's a view from the bedroom. It's not all the way dug out yet. This is Wednesday afternoon:

Thursday morning they came and finished the digging. Here's the hole from the ground level, looking toward the house.
No one came to work here on Friday, except Keith. I guess it's cause it's summer and Friday. They'll be here on Monday to start the foundation.

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Amy said...

Welcome back to the world wide web! I can't imagine being offline for 5 days! I hope you made it through okay.

Your studio hole is gorgeous! Fun, Fun, Fun!