Monday, March 14, 2011

I hate the time change, even if it's only one hour. It kicks my butt every spring. The good news is that the snow is melting; we can see the cover of the well cap again. I haven't seen it since January. That means there's only about 1 foot of snow left to go.

Java spent the weekend at the emergency vet's, for pain. She woke up feeling ouchie and making her pain noise a lot on Saturday. Then Saturday night when Robert got home, he ended up taking her to Woburn because she was panting in pain and couldn't get comfortable. She couldn't even stand. It kills me.  So she's coming home today; she's much more comfortable now. The bad news is that she'll be back on the prednisone and peeing in the house again. I'll just have to break out the diapers and the onesies again. Glad I didn't throw them away.

I cannot believe the horror and the devastation in Japan. I cannot imagine having my whole world that I know erased or wiped away. It's just terrible. There are no words to describe it enough.

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