Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Java is home! It was hard being without her all weekend, but I'm glad she was at the hospital and able to rest and heal. Dr. Silver looked at her again on Monday and decided that a second surgery was not required at this time. Neurologically, her leg is the same as before the operation, kind of useless. However, she is out of pain, which is the most important thing.

She is home but is not all that happy because she is on strict crate rest. She usually sleeps in her crate when we go to bed or when we leave the house, so she's used to it. The problem arises when we are home when she's in her crate. She gets very upset and fusses and refuses to relax. So we have her barricaded on her blanket in one of her favorite spots, which seems to be working much better. In the picture, you can see her under a pink blanket, behind the chair cushions.

The picture is a screen shot taken from the camera we have set up. It's such a cool thing. We set up our laptop, which has a camera built in, with a program called iCam. iCam also has apps you can install on your iphone or android phone and it allows you to monitor what your camera is pointed at when you're away from home. So we were able to watch Java sleeping in her crate last night and this morning when I went out to get my hair cut.

We were concerned over whether Java was not settling down in her crate because she was anxious or because she was uncomfortable. We are pretty confident that it was anxiety and not pain causing her to be so agitated. It's good that she's able to settle down in her crate and out.


Linda@VS said...

When you commented on my post about Kadi, I realized it's been a while since I've known what was going on with you. So sorry to learn that Java has been having so many problems with her back and legs. I remember that she was having eye problems at one time, too, and I think I remember that you were able to treat her with medication. How did that work out?

JavaGirlBT said...

Linda it was our other dog Barney who had glaucoma. The meds kept it in control until the end of his life. We had to have him put to sleep back in 2008 because he had a tumor in his heart/aorta. He used to be our high-maintenance dog and now it's Java. But we've since adopted Bobby and he keeps things fresh and young around here. Probably the same as your Levi does.