Saturday, November 03, 2012

It's hard the first few days after suffering a loss, not only because your loved one is gone; but your routine is all kerfuzzled. Java was very high-maintenance, requiring pills before and during meals. So now when we feed Bobby it's like "zip zap zing" it's done. Now we can just let Bobby outside to do his business, whereas we used to have to go outside with Java to express her bladder. In a way it's very freeing, but in another way, I miss it.

I have done a lot to repurpose Java's things. I sent her dresses, t-shirts and jackets to a friend who recently adopted a girl dog for the first time. She will have fun dressing her new girl. I brought her medicines, blankets and pee pads to the vet's where they'll be used for patients and for their owners who can't afford the medicines. I brought her old collars, leashes and harnesses to a collection for the animal rescue league. I kept her most recent collar as a memento. Her crate and other large items we are keeping as we know we'll be reusing them in the future.

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