Sunday, September 07, 2008

Decision time

This weekend went by too fast. I had a great time at the lake with my Mom and Elizabeth. This is a picture of her wearing my hat. I had to bribe her with plastic horses to get her to pose with it on for 10 seconds while I took the picture. Having a niece is great because they go home to their parents when you're done with them. But spending the whole weekend with her was a lot of fun.

So my poll has run its course and we've decided to go with the happy sun weathervane. I deliberately left off the prices so that wouldn't enter into the decisionmaking, but it has entered into our decisionmaking. The dragon vane is over 20 times more expensive than the sun, and that really made up our minds for us.

It's a good thing that I can't find a Red Sox weathervane because that would be my first choice. I'm sure I'd have a huge fight from Robert, though.


Amy said...

Okay, Robert may not like me quite as much after this...but I'm thinking the price may keep it out of the any rate, I think Ted Willams was a Red Sox player and there is a Ted Williams Weathervane with the compass containing his career stats

JavaGirlBT said...

Hey that's great. He was too much before my time, though. But thanks for the link. Robert's father would love that. TW was his favorite player.