Monday, September 08, 2008

Awesomest Key Ever

I wasn't going to keep a key to the bead cottage on my key ring, because I'm fussy about how many keys a person carries around. I think it should be minimal: house, car, post office or office and that's about it. My husband carries keys to everything: his parents' house, his parents' lake house, any key he may have a remote possiblity to need, he carries. His key ring looks like a building superintendent's. I thought I'd just keep the keys to the bead cottage inside the house and then when I needed them, they'd be there. That was until I got the awesomest key ever from a very thoughtful young gentleman named Thatcher. I will always carry this key with me. I never even knew keys like this existed. Wow. It's so cool.

And today the bead cottage got the cutest little smoke stack.


JavaGirlBT said...
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Anonymous said...

the visiting dignitary wishes to know who thatcher is