Friday, October 17, 2008

First I have to say how awesome it was to wake up to find out that the Red Sox won last night. I tried to stay awake, honestly I tried. I hope that falling asleep in the 7th inning isn't the same as leaving the park in the 7th because we're losing. I wanted to watch the whole thing, I just could not. I continued to believe and hold faith in them, though. I knew they could do it. And games like that are exactly why I watch baseball. I'm just sorry I missed it.

But what's more exciting than the Red Sox win is that the granite is in on my workstations! It looks fabulous. I've got some pictures.

This is my workstation:

This is a better view of the whole workstation:

Here are my red doors and a view of the patio partially completed:

And another view of the patio in process:


Wiley said...

Oh WOW! It's GORGEOUS! You'll be moving in soon! ;-)

JavaGirlBT said...

Thanks Wiley! I hope so.

Carmen Isaacs said...

It is awesome, I am so jealous. I have been watching the progress and love it.

JavaGirlBT said...

Thank you, Carmen!