Saturday, October 25, 2008

My old studio and packing glass

I haven't posted this view since the patio was finished. Here's the bead cottage from the back yard.

In case you don't know what my present studio looks like, here it is. It's a mess right now, but this is the little corner of the garage I'm moving from. So you can see why I cannot wait to get into the bead cottage. Plus there's heat there. That's a huge bonus in NH in January. I can't wait until the first day it snows and the cars are tucked into the garage and I go out into the warm studio and make beads all day, while looking out at the birds at their feeders in the snow.

So our project for today is packing up my glass, so it can be moved. This is my glass storage for my 104 coe glass. Each triangular section holds 2 lbs or so of glass. I've emptied out the Effetre on the left. Robert worked on the Vetrofond on the right. We'll finish it up tomorrow.

We've filled up one big box and have started on a second. This is the awful part of moving into that fabulous space.


Wiley said...

HOORAY!! You're moving!! :-))

JavaGirlBT said...

Soon, soon. I can't wait. We finished packing the glass this afternoon almost bloodlessly. So as soon as the cupola is out of my room, I'm moving my glass.