Sunday, February 15, 2009

Closeups for Amy

Here is a closeup of the stitching for the first afghan. It's sort of a modified basket-weave like I did for Mini's blankie. Gary likes the afghan a lot.

Here's a closeup of the new one I'm making along with the one I finished. The color isn't right in this shot - it's way too light - it is more of a cranberry red than pink. You can see the differences in the finished one. The top photo is darker and closer to to the true color. I love the new pattern, I feel like I'm doing something really complicated when it's actually very easy!

Oh and as far as being in the doldrums, Anonymous commentor, you are the one in the doldrums. So there. I had to delete my comments because they were pretty nasty. I'm not sure who posted it but I have a good idea who it probably was, so I don't want to be too mean.

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Amy said...

Beautiful work! I love the design and that feather and fan pattern is beautiful. That is the same stitch I used for my MIL's scarf for Christmas. It's so pretty.