Sunday, February 08, 2009

I finished my afghan!

I started a knitting project the weekend we went to Woodstock (MLK birthday weekend). The pattern said it was a "weekend project" in that if you started Friday night, you would have a completed afghan by Monday evening. So I've been working on my "weekend" project for 3 weeks now. That's OK. It gave me something to do while I was watching TV. And only my friend Amy could finish that project in that amount of time. She's a very speedy knitter. So after binding off, I spread the blanket out on the couch to snap a photo and who came trotting over to investigate? Java! I placed her on the afghan so she could see and she settled right down on it. She must like it. She's on strict crate rest these days because of a back problem, so I lifted her down. She's not allowed to run, climb or descend stairs or jump. She is feeling much better these days. Last week she couldn't walk! Scary, especially so soon after losing Barney. So I still have to weave in the ends and such, but the knitting is done. I'm very proud. It's the first one I've done that I'm keeping for myself. I love the feeling that finishing a project gives me.

Sadly, there have been no more turkeys at our house. We spread some corn but they haven't found it. The other birds have and really like it, so it's not all for naught.

On another good note, yesterday Robert used his smithy and blacksmithed for the first time at home. The fan in the chimney worked great and kept the fire alarm from going off. He's out there now and I'm going to go visit.

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R said...

Ellen! Your throw is simply beautiful. I love the color and the pattern. What will you knit next? I would love to visit a yarn shop with you....soon.