Thursday, February 05, 2009

Turkey Time!

Finally something exciting has happened. Three turkeys visited us yesterday and then returned today to check out the offerings at our feeders. I'm not sure they found anything to their liking but they sure came close to the house. It gave us a fantastic view. They are such tall birds. And they stand on one foot in the snow, I think because it's so cold!

This guy came almost all the way to the house. He picked at a few seeds in the snow.

This one stayed outside the fence, but was very interested in the suet that the squirrel was eating.

This one stayed on the fence the whole time, never coming any closer.

Java saw them through the porch doors. She was not too happy that there were these strange beasts in her backyard. Her hackles went up and she bugled at them. It was kind of funny. I think the turkeys could hold their own against her. I hope they come back tomorrow. We bought some cracked corn to spread just in case.

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