Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24, 2009

Something stole my bird feeder and bent the hand-made pole it was hanging on. All I know is that the little thistle feeder is no where to be found and the nice blacksmithed pole Robert made for me is bent. It must have been something strong, or heavy, as the pole is substantial. I'm hoping it was a big fat raccoon mama who did it - they kind of have hands to carry away a feeder - rather than a bear. I think a bear would have gone for the other feeder in the backyard as well, as it is larger and full of tastier morsels. I told you that I hate nature.

Java is feeling better, although she did have a setback where we had to put her on prednisone to get the discs to calm down. She was on a full dose for a week. She's now on a 1/2 dose and I'm hearing pain sounds again, so I don't know what to do. Hopefully it'll work and her back will settle.

We applied to a Boston Terrier rescue organization to be foster parents for Bostons. We were approved and it looks like we'll be getting a foster dog pretty soon. I'm excited but also nervous. I remember how uneasy I was when we got Barney and that was all for no reason. I guess it's the unknown. Will s/he get along with Java, or with the cat, etc. I think it'll be hard to give up a dog, but if I keep it in my mind that if I adopt this one, I can't foster any more, that'll help me.

Every morning we go out to breakfast. I really should stop, but I enjoy it so much. We bring the newspaper, which Robert reads while I work on the crossword puzzle. Robert has the same thing every morning: oatmeal. I have a few favorites that I pick and choose from according to my mood. After breakfast we stop at the local farmstand and get vegetables for that night's dinner. I try to choose the produce grown on the farm (the stand sells stuff that they didn't grow as well), thanks to my friend Amy. The corn and tomatoes this time of year are fabulous. I've really been enjoying them. Today I picked up some NH-grown wild blueberries and white peaches. We'll have a yummy dessert tonight. I've been really loving that greek yogurt. It's just like regular yogurt except it's been strained so it's thicker. It has a great mouth-feel and if you add a little splenda it tastes like whipped cream. At least I tell myself it does.

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