Saturday, August 01, 2009

Happy August!

Here it is, the first of August. It doesn't feel like we've had a summer yet, with June and July being so rainy and gross. This week the humidity is up, so everything feels wet, and we run the air conditioning just to remove the moisture from the air.

This summer I purchased a hammock for myself. I really enjoy being outside, and being able to look at the sky and the trees. Until I bought my hammock, there was no comfortable place to do this. Last year I tried lying on my stone bench or the granite front step - neither was good. I mulled over an adirondack chair, but felt the hammock offered multiple ways to enjoy it, where the chair would offer only one. I can lie down in the hammock in the traditional way, or I can sit in it like a chair. I prefer to sit in it like a chair and rock as I watch the nature in my yard.

The hammock:

A couple of views:

Speaking of nature, the other day I walked into the backyard through the gate in the fence. There was a bird swooping and calling and really getting upset at my presence. I had no idea why, until I looked at the fence a little closer, and found this guy. He had probably just fledged and momma bird was taking care of him by bringing him his meals to go.

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