Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ste. Genevieve

We're getting our first foster dog on Sunday. Her name is Ste. Genevieve, she's 8 or so years old and weighs around 18 lbs. Originally I wanted to wait until September to foster, but there's a truckload of dogs coming from down south and there aren't enough foster families for them all. How could I say no?

My idea is to keep somewhat of a diary about Genny (I can't call her Sainte) for her adoptive parents, with photos and tales of her exploits. I wondered if I should blog about her here or if I should create a separate blog. I settled on doing it here, because I fear letting this blog fade into oblivion if I start another one, so I'll talk about her here.

I knew I would end up taking a dog earlier than I had planned. The reason I planned on waiting is that I am going to the lake this weekend while Robert is at a blacksmithing class in Maine. I'm still going, but I will cut it short to go pick her up. Nancy, another volunteer, is picking Genny up in Nashua on Saturday and keeping her until Sunday, when I can pick her up. Another reason I had wanted to wait until September is we have plans to go to Snow Farm in September and will be boarding Java. I can either board Gen at my own expense or find someone to take her for the weekend. We'll see what happens.

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