Thursday, December 03, 2009

December 3. We're coming up on the anniversary of Barney's demise. One year ago tomorrow was the first time we rushed him to the e-vets because of a fainting episode. That was an awful time, but for some reason I do tend to relive these memories. It doesn't help that on Sunday, Java seemed to be in pain. She bounced back quickly, but Monday morning she was still exhibiting vague pain symptoms. I brought her to the vet, who noticed that her face was swollen. She gave Java a shot of penicillin and sent her home with some antibiotics. We were thinking it was a sore tooth or an abscess because she'd take food and then spit it out. The next day, she was even more swollen and refused to eat, even her cream cheese with her pills, which she never refuses. I brought her back to see the vet again, who gave Java a 2-week antibiotic injection and an anti-inflammatory injection. This really seemed to help because by that afternoon she wanted to eat and even chew on a bone. Now her face is back to normal but we have no idea why or what. I'm bringing Bobby in tomorrow for something else, so I'll bring Java back with me for a re-check.

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