Friday, December 04, 2009

Great news! We took Bobby to the vet this morning for a heartworm test, and he tested negative! I was very happy to hear that news, because I didn't want to have to put him through another treatment. The treatments are so severe; basically you poison the dog with arsenic. Then the dog has to be quiet for 6 weeks while the worms in the heart die and decompose. If the dog isn't kept quiet, he can have an embolism and die from that. I'm just glad the first treatment worked. Stupid people letting him get heartworm. I'm glad he's with us now.

Java is doing much better as well. We're taking her off the anti-inflammatory to see if the swelling comes back. So far it has not. She even let the vet look into her mouth, so that's good news too. I have no idea what it was that was causing her pain and facial swelling. I wish dogs could talk sometimes.

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