Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm glad Christmas is over. I was hoping to have a Merry Christmas, but for the second year in a row, Christmas was tinged with sadness. I was originally going to write that it was "filled" with sadness, but I can't really say that. We had some happy moments and made nice memories, too. We started out Christmas eve by visiting Robert's Mom, who was busy with her grandchildren cooking for Christmas day. Then we went back home for a while and then went up to Auburn to see my family at Sarah's house. Christmas morning we went to Mrs. Gaimari's for breakfast and then back to our house for a while and then up again to Sarah's. Mrs. Gaimari slept over on Christmas night. We took her out for breakfast the next day. Yesterday we were so tired we did nothing all day. We did drag ourselves to the movies in the evening to see "Up in the Air". It was good.

Today we woke up to rain, but with mild temperatures, so the snow was melting and turning slushy. I wanted to go to a new yarn store I saw a couple of weekends ago, so Robert came with me. On the way over, we decided to go out to lunch at Pickity Place in Mason. It's a cute restaurant in a cottage from 1830 or so. They serve a sweet little luncheon which is always quite tasty. Then we went to the yarn store where I bought a few notions and some very soft merino wool. Here are some pictures of our day:

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Judith said...

I love Pickity Place, but haven't been there in ages. I like to go when everything is green & growing. Thanks for the reminder, it's now on my Summer "to-do" list.