Saturday, December 19, 2009

Here's a poem from Keith, our contractor:

I have to be honest there is a part of me that feels cheated
Not enough time for us to cover all the things that were needed

Listening to his stories again and again, smiling all the while
His sweet sense of humor would always leave me with a smile

What a good man I was able to fall in love with so quickly
I would constantly pray for him who was so frail and so sickly

I loved to stop by unannounced just to spend time
Praying that today was the day he would start to feel fine

His advice always came if I asked for it or not
Blessed with his loving intentions was the feeling I got

I would sit with him for hours and cherish each minute
Wanting time to stand still with both of us in it

Being introduced to this man was truly God's gift
The moments spent with him would always give me a lift

He was a man you could not help yourself but to love
So gentle and kind, an obvious gift from the One above

I want him to still be here, to talk with his some more
To sit with this man I could not help but adore

I would do anything for him, any time, any place
Always a blessing to see a smile on his face

I am a better person for having known him this is definitely true
Being generous enough to share him with me, to all of you I want to say "thank you"

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