Friday, May 11, 2007

I had a fairly lazy morning after breakfast. I sat in the lounge and read while the maid made up our room, then I took my shower and read some more. Around 1pm I set off for the afternoon. I was under strict orders from Robert to bring the camera and take pictures, so I did. I stopped at a boulangerie for a sandwich for lunch and headed to the Museum of Fine Arts. The museum doesn't open until 1, which is why I had such a late start. So I sat outside the Chateau and people-watched while I ate my sandwich. I walked to the Museum and bought a ticket. The woman behind the desk asked me where in France I came from - I think it's the equivalent of a store asking you your zip code - and when i said Etats-Unis, she said I speak French very well. I was pretty pleased. The museum was fairly boring - I prefer more modern art to the art that was shown there. But it was an hour or so well-spent. After the museum, I had a strawberry sorbet at the Museum cafe and read for a little bit. I was meeting Robert and Guido at the Chateau at 4:30, so I still had an hour to kill until they got there. I took some more pictures and put on my ipod and listened to French 80's pop that I like.

Robert and Guido showed up around 4:15, just as it started to rain. We went into the Chateau and I saw the tapestries again, and Robert and Guido saw them for the first time. This time I took pictures.

It was still raining when we finished, so we explored the rest of the Chateau. By the time we finished it was 6:00 and we agreed to go back to our hotels and meet at a little bar up the street at 7:00 to decide on where to go for dinner.

Sitting in the bar watching people was more fun than it sounds like it would be. I love people watching. We chatted and drank some wine until about 8:00 when we decided to go to a famous restaurant the lady at the hotel recommended for dinner. It was an amazing culinary experience. Robert started with foie gras terrine - that duck was already dead so no harm done. He shared and it was so creamy and delicious - like butter. Then for dinner, Robert and I both had filet mignon with Morel mushroom sauce and Guido had the veal, which looked like a veal brain, but he swore was delicious. The menu said "noix de riz de veau" so I just told him it was veal. I had no idea about the brain part. Luckily it was delicious so he's not blaming me.

This area is where they make Cointreau, so we each had a trilogy of Cointreau-based desserts: Cointreau fruit cocktail, Cointreau mousse and Cointreau ice cream. It was wonderful.

Tomorrow we leave Angers and head to Paris. I really like this town and I'm a little sad to say goodbye. Or better yet, au revoir.

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