Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We're home. We fell asleep last night around 9:00 pm and woke up around 5:00 am, all because of the time change. We went out to breakfast and I picked up the dogs and Gary, who are all very happy to be home. So today I'm just doing things like laundry, unpacking and all the non-fun part of coming home after traveling.

I found out that while I was gone, my mother was admitted to the hospital with a heartrate of 30. I hate the fact that people try to hide things like this from me while I'm gone. They did it to me when I was on my QM2 trip last year about Barney having a seizure. It really ticks me off that they don't tell me these things. I was completely accessible by email, so getting in touch was not a problem. I thought after the Barney incident, I had made my feelings known, but somehow they were overlooked. In any event, my mother is OK; she took the wrong pill or some such thing. She's out and is going to be fine.


Anonymous said...

It was at your mother's request that we didn't say anything. so if you are mad, be mad at her

JavaGirlBT said...

I'm mad at all of you. :(