Saturday, May 12, 2007

The mystery of the brains has been solved. It was not "noix de *riz* de veau" it was "noix de *ris* de veau and ris is calves' sweetbreads. Lesson learned and even better that it was someone else who paid the price.

We arrived in Paris around 2:15. The train was fine. We were able to communicate to the taxi driver where our hotel was so we made it here in short order. Our room is small but comfortable. After arriving, we went to the brasserie up the street for a sandwich because by then we were starving. Now it's 10:00 pm and we're not hungry, but that's OK. We called Robert's niece Caroline who is spending the year studying in Paris and took her out for une boisson. It was nice to see her. She's having a good time and is very busy with her job and with school.

Being the old fogies that we are, we're ready for bed and we're watching the Eurovision Song Contest and reading. We need to rest up for tomorrow's excursions.

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Anonymous said...

Oh what fun it sounds as though you are having. hope you are enjoying spring in paris. Up at sarah's today for mother's day playing on the ssslide. have a pastis for yourself and robert (he will scrinch his nose). safe and happy travels.