Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's midnight and we just got back to the hotel, so this is going to be short. This morning we went to breakfast to Angelina's on Caroline's recommendation. It was yummy, and we couldn't even finish. The hot chocolate was like drinking a liquid candy bar it was so rich. After breakfast, we headed to the Centre Pompidou to meet Laurel - a lampworker living in Paris who I know from online and meeting once at a bead show - and her French husband Cedric. We met up with them just as an enormous rainstorm blew up. The wind was whipping the rain sideways. It came up so quickly, too. Luckily we were right at the museum so we scooted inside. So we saw the modern art which was great. Then we went to a brasserie for a limonade and a diet coke. After that, we went on le Bateau Mouche - a cruise on the river Seine. Then we went to the St. Michel section of Paris for dinner. I had a yummy potato, ham and cheese casserole. Then we walked over L'ile de la cite and saw Notre Dame all lit up and took the Metro home. When we got out at La Concorde, the Tour Eiffel was all lit up and sparkling, which it does for 15 minutes every hour. It was so magical. I'm ready for bed. My dogs are barking.

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to my mom, my mother in law, my sister and all the other moms out there!

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