Sunday, May 06, 2007

Yesterday was the bead show. I had a very good day, fun-wise as well as financial-wise. I got some spending money for France, so I think I'll buy myself another Hermes scarf. It was nice to see some of the bead people I haven't seen in so long after a long winter of hibernation. I need to get out more. After the show, we went to my Mom's where we had Chinese food for dinner. It was yummy and hit the spot after a long day.

This morning Martha and my Mother came to my house and we all went out to the corner coffee shop for breakfast. It was good, but it was even better because we were together. Then we stopped at Lull Farm to look at plants and flowers. I bought my mother a lovely basket of flowers and plants - one of those mixed ones. It was dainty and just very pretty. I gave it to her already because I'm not going to be here on Mother's Day.

I've just finished up my business bookkeeping from the bead show. I just need to pack for France, pack up the dogs' and cat's things for boarding and I'll be ready to be off. I'll be blogging while I'm in France, hopefully.

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