Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another dog post

When I decided to foster again after the Ste. Genevieve incident, I chose Bobby without having looked at him. I was on the phone with the foster coordinator and she gave me a choice between Sherlock and Bobby. Both would be easy fosters she said. I chose Bobby because of his name. Since it's the same as my husband's, I figured it was a good sign.

Then I looked at his picture. I thought "Uh oh. Is this even a Boston Terrier?" I was a little nervous. And then we picked him up and I thought "UH OH." Robert said "I feel very misled." He is very tall for a Boston and we were freaked out by his appearance. Except for his markings, he looks nothing like he should look if he is a Boston.

Since then, we've been speculating over whether he's a mix and if so, what he's mixed with. Some said Pit Bull, some said Boxer and some said he's not a mix at all. His rescuer in Missouri and her vet both say he's purebred, just poorly bred. They said they're seeing more and more non-standard Bostons like that due to indiscriminate breeding by puppymillers and backyard breeders. I kind of didn't believe them.

When I announced that we had adopted Bobby, my friend Mona sent me a picture of her dog Gracie, who died in 2000. Gracie was purebred AKC Boston Terrier with papers. She said she had been hoping that we'd adopt Bobby because he looks so much like her Gracie did.

Isn't it amazing? They're almost twins.

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