Monday, November 02, 2009

Well it's November and it's National Blog Posting Month, so I'm going to try to post a blog every day for the 30 days of November. I remembered last night while I was in bed, so I co-opted DH's computer (he was working) and threw up a quick post.

Since there's a lot of new stuff going on, I'm going to spread it out. I'll start with the best news first. On September 19, we tried fostering again. We picked up Bobby from the transport and were shocked at his size and his looks.

His rescuer who pulled him from the Jonesboro, Arkansas shelter maintains that he is purebred Boston Terrier. I say no. We think he's mixed with Boxer and quite a few people who know dogs have proffered the same theory. So we're going with that.

Someone lost him in Arkansas but never claimed him. He was wearing a red collar when he was picked up, but had no tags or microchip. So he winds up here in NH with me, available for adoption.

But not for too long. He really is a good, sweet dog. We are taking him to obedience and he picks up his lessons very quickly, so he's smart. He got a long with Java from the get-go. I was very nervous making the introduction, but it went well. Java did her alpha growl and he submitted to her and since then it's been peace and harmony in the home.

They even took a nap together in the sun a few weeks ago. We found ourselves dreading his being adopted by another family more and more. So we adopted him. We felt that the only thing we couldn't give him in this life is kids to play with. He would really love to play with kids. So instead we bring him to doggy day-care a couple days per week so he can play with other dogs and burn off some of his energy. We think he's about 2 years old, so he's really crazy. He'll calm down as he gets older.

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