Thursday, July 03, 2008

blog readability test
First things first. I re-checked my blog's reading level, and I've gone up a notch to Junior High School. Whackadoo! This makes me very happy and I suspect it's because I recently used the words "auspicious" "fascia" and "nosing". I should have thrown in "parge" but I couldn't think of it at the time I was writing the entry.

I have more pictures of the bead cottage's progress. They took off the board-thingies and now it's just bare naked cement (or is it concrete? I'm never sure). Anyway, here it is:

Keith ran some conduit through the sleeves and when I saw those tubes sticking up I knew I had just the thing for it:

Fly your flags proudly this weekend, whichever nation you belong to. Happy 4th of July! And GO RED SOX!

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