Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Yesterday, the insulation guys came and sprayed the foundation with a coat of this icky black gooey stuff. Then they insulated the foundation with baby blue styrofoam boards. The boards are scored to allow the water to drain.

When I came outside to take pictures, I saw a sock that was left in the foundation (I later found out this sock was Artie the plumber's sock. This was not the sock he was wearing - I asked. He was using it to wipe up the PVC glue he was using on the conduit) and that gave me an idea. I threw a bunch of beads into the foundation to be sealed in forever. I always end up with a ton of extra beads that aren't good enough to sell or are experiments and I finally figured out what to do with them. Here's one:
This morning the man from the excavators came over to mark where to fill the foundation and he told us that the Indian people he has worked for put gems in their foundations. Cool! They also fly their house plans to India to have them blessed. I didn't get my plans blessed and now I wish I had.

So here they are backfilling the foundation. I got the stinkeye from a couple of the people - especially Mr. Bosnia - but that didn't stop me from watching them. I love watching machines at work. I just wish they needed a crane.

They are almost finished. They just have to back fill the studio room.

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