Thursday, July 10, 2008

This morning Keith put up our new canine containment system. We tested it out and it works! No dogs escaped. Until the filling in of the foundation, the hills of sand plus a wheelbarrow and a couple of sawhorses worked to contain the beasts. After the hills were flattened we were forced to break out the leashes. This would be fine if we had normal dogs, but Barney will not do anything on a leash. Anything. It's a nightmare when we travel with them, and we cancelled our plans to bring the dogs to Bar Harbor pretty much for that reason. You have to wonder what goes through these dogs' heads. You know?

So I came home from my nail appointment and there was a Slab Man in the driveway, taking a look around. He told me they'd be back tomorrow to put in the slab.

Oh it's a beautiful day and no one is around so I'm sneaking off to the garage to make some beads.

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