Monday, July 14, 2008


We had a great weekend. Sunday we went to Fenway again. This time the Red Sox won! Yippee! And now they are at the top of their division at the All-Star break. That totally rocks. It was a gorgeous day-- nice and warm if a little humid but there was such a refreshing breeze it blew away the stickiness. This was the view from my seat:
Notice anything missing? Like maybe the batter? The catcher? The home plate umpire? I had the perfect non-view of home plate. If I leaned forward to where my nose was almost touching the person in front of me, I could almost see a righty batter. Forget about trying to see a lefty. It kind of stunk, but I felt fortunate to be there in the crowd anyway. It was a lot of fun.

Manny went into the wall again during a pitching change. This is him coming out.
(I deleted a big whine here about the all-star break and about west coast road trips)

As far as the bead cottage goes, there won't be too much progress this week as Keith and Charlie have to work on some other projects before building starts here. I do hear that we may get some lumber drops, though. They might be blog-worthy. Maybe they'll use a crane.

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