Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello from the high seas! Right now we're sailing along the northeast coast of Cuba on the way to Curacao, our first port. The flight to Ft. Lauderdale was the best ever - only 35 people were on board. We landed on time and made our way to the ship. Boarding the ship was something of a cattle drive, but we made it on OK. Sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale was quite an impressive event. People gathered along the jetties to watch the ship go by. People in the houses and apartments along the canal flashed their porch lights, hollered into megaphones and waved as we passed. I took a movie of it, I was so impressed. After we sailed away, we had a nice dinner and then went shopping at Hermes. We went to bed early, because we got up so early to catch our flight. This morning we started out with coffee in our room and then went to the gym! Hooray for being good! After breakfast, we went to the beginners bridge class. (Don't get all excited). It was way more beginner than we needed. The instructor introduced the deck of cards and explained what the suits were (as if we didn't already know). Then she went into the mechanics of the game and we played one hand. So it was pretty much wist. And then she explained that we would not get into learning bidding at all, so we gave up on the beginners bridge lessons. There's an astrophysicist couple on board, doing lectures about the solar system and universe. One of these nights, they'll be hosting a star watch on the top deck so that we can see the meteor shower that's going to happen. I think it happens on Saturday night. So that's about it.

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Becky and I are huddled together in a frozen cement block-like room awaiting the early closure of CHS due to oncoming freezing rain. Are we jealous? No. We have to look forward to potentially losing power and all the contents of our freezers etc... But we will console ourselves with happy thoughts of a snow day. Will you have a toast to us this evening at dinner in the Princess Grill? And don't forget to bring us something back from Hermes:)