Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rest in Peace, Barney Google

Barney has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I wrote about his fainting episode before I left, well last over the past three days he had like 2 per day. This all happened at the vet's, while we were boarding him for our vacation. He was coughing a lot and the vet thought he might have aspiration pneumonia froma time when he threw up yesterday so she put him on antibiotics. Well this afternoon he started panting and couldn't stop, even when he was in the oxygen cage. So she called us to transport him to a 24-hour facility in Woburn. We picked him and Java up at our vets and drove to Woburn, Barney panting the whole way. They put him immediately in the O2 cage. The vet there examined him and recommended a cardiac ultrasound, an ekg and other stuff like that, along with hospitalization. So we were halfway home - Woburn is about 45 minutes away - and she called saying that they did the ultrasound and found a tumor in Barney's heart. This being inoperable and incurable, we turned the car around and went back to Woburn to be there for his euthanasia. She thinks the tumor was what was causing the fainting as it blocked his blood flow. Also she thinks he might have thrown a clot and had a pulmonary embolism which would have caused the panting. We went in one at a time to say goodbye because we had Java with us - she couldn't stay in the car because it's too cold out and I didn't want her to see it happen. When I went in, he tried to get up, which was hard on him, so I shushed him and patted him and gave him a kiss goodbye. He kissed me on the lips, which I don't usually allow since he's a poopeater, and we said goodbye. Robert then went in while I minded Java in the waiting room and the vet did the deed and it was very peaceful. He's out of pain and chasing squirrels now. He had a wonderful and happy life with us but it just wasn't long enough. We'll miss him.

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