Sunday, December 07, 2008

There's no place like home

I hate leaving home to go on vacation. Once I've left I'm fine, but in the hours leading up to leaving, I'm a complete worry-wart. It doesn't help that the animals cooperate by getting sick or acting strangely. Barney had a strange passing out episode on Thursday which scared us half to death and tonight Java is not eating and wants to stay outside in the 20-degree weather and 0-degree wind chill. At least they'll be at the vet's, which is the best place for them in case they do get sick. Half of me can't wait to get out of here and the other half doesn't want to leave. The funner half will win, and we'll have a fabulous vacation, which I hope to blog, by the way. So I hope I haven't forgotten anything. I still have 36 hours or so to remember anything I've forgotten. We'll be on the QM2 traveling around the Caribbean for 10 days, to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary which was back in August. Bon Voyage!

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