Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today we were in St. Thomas. Robert went snorkeling and had a very nice time. He took some pictures and videos with his built-in camera mask. I had a back facial while he was gone. We were docked at a new pier that opened within the last three years. Last time we were here (2006) the QM2 had to anchor off shore and passengers were tendered to town. The new facility is near the St. Thomas airport, and watching the planes take off this afternoon reminded me of the time my parents took Sarah and me here to stay at MorningStar beach. There was some problem with our flight out and it looked like we would be spending another day here. But my father was patient and kind to the people behind the desk, unlike the other passengers, who treated the clerks as if they were personally responsible for the problem, and we finally were able to fly home that day. That was a fun trip. I miss my Dad.
As we sailed out of St. Thomas this evening, Robert and I participated in a renewal of wedding vows ceremony. I figured that since it was our 20th anniversary celebration cruise, that I could put aside my unwillingness to do such a thing. I always figured that I said them once and they stuck so what's the point? But I really wanted to do it again on this ship, so we renewed our wedding vows. It was very special and we said we'd do it again in another 20 years. Hopefully on this ship again.


Anonymous said...

and you didn't invite me ???
that is lovely and way too romantic

Anonymous said...

you both look so very happy together- it brought tears to my eyes. i love you both. call as soon as you can tomorrow am. i suggest calling mommy so that you can reach her- martha and i will be toiling away! i hope you come home early so that you can get here in time to hunker down- mommy wishes to reiterate that you are welcome at her home . bobby, your mom called knw to find out when you were coming home. give her a call too. the next time leave us with a full itinerary. and next time you renew your vows you can bring us along too. we;ve been there for the past 30 years too.

Anonymous said...

What a great trip and I second the very romantic comment! How wonderful for both of you. 20 happy years is something few can boast, good job!

I hope all is well when you return home and that you have a wonderful Christmas!