Saturday, December 13, 2008

Right now, we're at anchor outside Grenada, the little island the US invaded back in 1983. I remember being so mad at Ronald Reagan. Anyway, it's a nice little island and it's very warm out. I'd say it's in the high 80's here. Yesterday Robert and I had a hot stone massage at the Canyon Ranch Spa. It was the best ever. Of course, I've only ever had two. But this one was still the better of the two. Today we reached Grenada at around 10:00 am. I went back to bed after we had our coffee in our room and Robert took the tender into town to explore. I woke up and got dressed, had breakfast and found a little nook to read in. I've really had a pretty lazy day. But it's been perfect. Robert came back after taking a walking tour of St. George. After lunch he went swimming while I took my second nap of the day. Now we're up and relaxing in our stateroom until it's time for dinner and skywatching, which will be tonight at 10:00 pm. I hope we see some meteors. I am having a little trouble posting pictures to the blog, so if I don't get any in here, you'll have to forgive me. At least I don't have too much trouble with the words.

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Anonymous said...

sounds really lovely. hope you are having a jolly good time. katie and I are going to go for a walk soon. she is tired of being cooped up. just unpacked the camera equipment. guess what -- there are four sets of binoculars -- one for everyone... thought would bring the spotting scope to the lake.
hope you and robert having a good time you are greatly missed. I have no one to chat with at 7am