Monday, November 08, 2010

I like to have a picture on my blog every day, but today's picture is a bit disjointed. It was taken on a beautiful day, which today is not.It's another cold, icky, rainy fall day. It even snowed last night in some places. I'm not sure what to do today. I'm thinking of starting on the bead room in earnest, but it's hard to get motivated.

Yesterday I solved my "not enough yarn" dilemma by going with Martha to the yarn store and picking up one more skein. I probably will not need it but I feel more secure now that I have it. Martha definitely ran out of yarn; she had to buy two more skeins.

And the time change is still kicking my butt. I was up again today at 4:00 am, because I'm used to waking at 5:00. Plus last night I fell asleep during my 9:00 show, because it was really 10:00, and I missed it. :(

I do wish it were a nicer day, because we've been walking Java a couple times per day to try to build up her leg muscles, which are wasting away because of the prednisone. We started walking her on the leash about a week ago and I can really see a difference, so it's working. The only problem is that she will not walk away from the house. She will put on the brakes and just stand there and because of her neck and back problems, pulling her is out of the question. She will walk towards the house, though, so what we do is we either carry her out to the street or put her in the stroller and walk her out to the street and let her walk back. I fear that I'm getting a reputation as the crazy lady who dresses her dog up like a baby in diapers and a onesie who takes the dog out for rides in a stroller. But there's a reason for all of those things. Believe me, I didn't have kids for a reason and have no desire to be diapering or strollering anything at my age, nevermind my dog. :)

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