Sunday, November 28, 2010

I've been skimping on the photos the last few days. Now that things have settled back down to normal, I can post pictures again. Today I began decorating for the season. It's fun and makes the house look festive. To me, the season is all about "light" and  humans' craving for the sunshine to return. I love to put candles in the windows and shine lights on the wreaths decorating my house.

This morning, the pond was frozen over for the first time, except for the little area where the bubbler is. Its job is to keep the water from freezing solid so it's good to see that it's working. I've been enjoying watching the birds on our new feeders. It really doesn't take them long to find them.

I haven't finished my Einstein Coat yet. I have one more sleeve and the collar to go. I am going to break my own rules and start another project before I've finished my previous one, because I really need a new hat for winter. I have a new coat and my old hat will not match, so I bought some pretty matching yarn and I have a pattern picked out so I'm going to start that today. After I finish, I'll finish the EC. I promise.

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