Friday, November 05, 2010

Yesterday I finished putting together the storage shelves in the bead room. Robert put the outside frames together for me on Saturday and I finished them up by putting in the shelves. I really like this system. It was expensive but worth every penny.

I haven't put any beading stuff away yet. I think I'm afraid to tackle that table but it's going to have to happen some day. What I did do was put away my knitting things in the taller cabinet on the right. I have a drawer for each type of needle and the larger drawers will hold my skeins of yarn for different projects I want to do. Looking at my stash of yarn, it looks like I have 5 or 6 projects in the works. The green yarn is for a shawl I've made before and want to make again in the pretty green color and the black and white yarn is for a pair of Boston Terrier mittens I want to make.

This drawer has my double pointed needles. The great thing is that doing just this gets all the knitting stuff out of the living room, where I had been keeping it. It'll be good to have one place to put my crafting things.

My straight needles:

The yarn in their drawers:

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