Sunday, November 07, 2010

Mouse Hunt

We've been having a mouse problem. We realized it this past summer when Robert was cleaning the garage and found a mother mouse and her babies nesting in a blanket in the closet on the shelf. Being the kind-hearted soul that he is, he left her there. Fast forward a month or so to when I go into my glove compartment and find a nest of fluff (no mice or any mouse signs) sitting on my owner's manual. We now realize that this has got to end. So we clean the garage. Mommy mouse is still in the closet, so we relocate her and the nest to the woods and we think we have it solved.

Since the weather has gotten colder, though, we have been hearing scratching sounds in the walls. Eew. We've always had a mouse or two every year as we live in the woods, but now we are hearing them! So we called an exterminator, who sealed up all the holes where mice can come in and set traps in the places we've seen evidence of mice: the attic, the garage and the cellar. So far we have caught 10 mice; most of them in one trap in the electrical closet in the cellar. The traps are mounted vertically on the wall. If I ever see a mouse climbing down a wall I think I'd freak. 

We do have a cat, but almost every time he's caught a mouse, he brings it into our bed, still alive, to play with. This usually happens about 3 am. Thanks, Gary.

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