Friday, November 12, 2010

This is a picture of the Christmas tree I'm going to auction off in a week or so. The proceeds will go to Friends of Homeless Animals, who I do volunteer work for. This picture shows all the ornaments I made, so I think I need to make a few more - maybe in red and green - to fill it out as the back of the tree is bare. I bought myself another tree so maybe I'll make one for me, too.

The past few mornings, our favorite little place for breakfast has been closed for repairs, so we have been trying new and different places. Today we stopped at the grain store and bought some farm eggs. I'm petrified of finding a chicken inside. I hope they do it right and candle them. I think if that happened to me, I'd be off eggs for life. At least someone else would have to do the cracking.

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Amy said...

I'm sure you'll be fine. The hen has to set the egg for at least 24 hours for the germ to incubate enough to start to form a chicken. This is not the right time of year for most chickens to be willing to set, and I'm sure the farmer is collecting eggs daily, and probably at least a couple times a day, to make sure they don't freeze. Enjoy your eggs!