Saturday, November 06, 2010

Tonight we have to set the clocks back one hour. This is a pain. It disturbs my sleeping pattern and throws my schedule off. The dogs don't get it so making them do everything an hour later is going to throw them off, too. There is good and bad with this, I guess. I do like that we get an extra hour but I don't like the 4:30 pm sunset. I won't miss waking up in the dark, that's for sure. I think the sun didn't come up today until 7:20 am. That's insane. When it's dark, I want to stay in bed.  It was very difficult to get out of bed this morning.  Tomorrow it'll be 6:20ish when the sun comes up, so that's good. I also don't like having to manually change all the clocks in the house. I especially don't like weeks later finding the one clock I forgot to change and having it throw me off for a second.

The good news is that I'm finished with the body of my knitting project. All I have left to do are the sleeves and the collar. Oh and make the buttons. I have three skeins of yarn left. I'm hoping it's enough. I always worry that I won't have enough yarn. Always. I'm pretty sure I will have enough, but a little part of me says "what if you don't?" It gets me every time.

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Judith said...

grinned at your time post... for a week my sleep habits started at 2 to 3AM and up at 11AM - so now time changes and I'm up at 5am (oops really 4AM) I can't win. Is it your coat that your almost finished with?