Tuesday, March 06, 2007

In case you're waiting for a crossword puzzle update, we have finished every one since I started doing them. Saturday's was a bear - we used the internet a lot. I think of it as a modern-day crossword dictionary rather than as cheating. Sunday's puzzle was fun. We did it all ourselves with no help. I was pretty happy when we finished that. Of course, yesterday's and today's were easy-peasy.

I haven't sobbed in a few days. Of course I still tear up and leak some, but it's mostly under control. We had a meeting with the broker yesterday and things are all straightened out. Mom is secure and hopefully she feels better with that weight off her mind. I know I do. There still is that underlying sadness that won't go away. I guess time takes care of that.

My father was a very practical, literal-minded person. He used to think his friend who was a widower was crazy because he'd go to his wife's grave and hold conversations with her. It's strange because I find myself talking to my father all the time. I hear his "voice" in my head -- not literally his voice, but what I think he'd say -- and I talk back to it. I find it comforting. And I wonder if he can hear me.

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