Monday, March 26, 2007

My mother has a nasty cold now. At least she's close by now and not 1500 miles away in Florida. Sarah and Stevie* live very near her so they are doting on her. I worry about her health. I can't afford to lose her, too. So where before I would worry about my parents when they got sick, now I worry extra about my mother. She sounds terrible. It's all in her chest.

I still have this awful ache about missing my father pretty much all the time. I haven't been as teary as I had been before, which is good, I guess. I just miss my father so incredibly much, it's overwhelming.

On a lighter note, we picked out our bath and kitchen fixtures. Weee! I cannot wait to take a bath. It's a bubble tub and it's huge. I hope our well doesn't run dry. LOL.

*I've decided to start calling Steven Stevie until Sarah stops calling Robert Bobby.

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