Thursday, March 08, 2007

Many of the people who have sent my mother condolence* cards said how my father was like a father to them. I have to think of how lucky I am that he was our actual father. I didn't always think so. As great of a man that he was, he wasn't without his faults and foibles. He certainly had his temper and it wasn't pretty when he lost it. On the other hand, he was way more generous of spirit than I am. He was much faster to forgive than I was when we'd fight. He'd give people whom I'd condemned the benefit of the doubt. I am trying to incorporate more generosity of spirit within me as a way of honoring my father's memory. It's not easy, but I keep thinking how he would react to certain situations and what he would say and trying to emulate him.

*spelled with an 'e', Martha. ;)

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Anonymous said...

I think one of his greatest gifts was that he was so forgiving. He never held a grudge, he was better than than.

I know how to spell condolence (I think).