Monday, March 12, 2007

Today I had a little fun. I went to BJ's because I was out of TP, papertowels, bottled water and the like. BJ's is a warehouse store and frequently they have fun things that you never knew you couldn't live without. I bought these awesome folding chairs for us to bring to the lake this summer and also a pair of boogieboards. The lake is much more fun when you have something to float on. The other day Angie bought 3 floats for the lake, which is what spurred me on to my purchases. It's so bizarre that you have to buy summer fun things in March. I remember looking for floats or noodles last year at the end of July and only found fall decorations. The retail world sure is bizarre.

It's so sad to me that my dad won't be with us this summer at the lake. I'm glad we had such a good time there last year. I have fond memories of him on the porch feeding Elizabeth. Today and yesterday haven't really been good days emotionally. Lots of tears are flowing.

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