Friday, March 09, 2007

My mother stopped by today for a visit. She was out and about and found her way to my house via the back roads so she decided to stop in. I quickly took my shower while Robert entertained her and she and I went out shopping. The store we wanted to go to was closed so we went out to lunch. We decided on Bertucci's, one of my favorite comfort food restaurants. We had a nice chat and she dropped me off and then went home.

If my father could know that my mother dropped by without calling first, he would have had something to say to me. Years ago, Robert and I foolishly decided to adopt a dog. He was completely wrong for us, but we went ahead and did it anyway. That night of all nights my parents dropped in unexpectedly. I was not happy because I hadn't wanted to tell them that we had adopted the dog. In the course of their visit, the dog got loose and we spent the rest of the time chasing him around the neighborhood. Finally we caught him. We all were exhausted and I said to my parents, "Next time, call before you come over".

I have heard about that ever since. Even though it happened back in 1989, my father was sure to bring up this particular phrase at any opportune moment. Although he was not one to hold grudges, he would latch onto a particular phrase and throw it back at you if he could. It was his way of teasing. And he'd only tease the people he loved and whom he knew could withstand the teasing.

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